French-language TV shows are losing out to English-language ones

The French- and English-speaking worlds have a new challenge: The two languages are competing for viewers, not ratings.

With a new wave of programming launching every month, the stakes are high.

The big leagues are in motion.

And while it’s hard to predict what will happen, the two languages might have a better chance of winning.

“The more English you speak, the better you’re going to be,” said Daniel Fidler, director of communications at the French-speaking Internationale de la Francophonie.

“But the more you speak French, the more French you will lose.”

French-versus-English programs tend to be more sophisticated, with subtitles, more detailed plot lines and more action.

“In English, it’s the same thing,” said Fidlers co-author David Karp.

“It’s like, ‘This is the story.’

But in French, there’s no plot.”

And the French language has also taken a hit with the Internet.

“When you look at English-verses, you see an increase in language barriers,” said Michael S. Smith, director and chief content officer at the University of Maryland’s Center for the Study of Language and Communication.

“That means that a lot of French TV is being seen in English-only households, and that means the English-to-French gap is narrowing.”

This is especially true for English- and French-based programming, such as HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” which has made its debut in France.

“You can’t go into a French-only house and not see French,” said Karp, adding that HBO is “one of the few English-centric networks in the world.”

A new French-Canadian language, ‘Mêlène’ (The City), has launched in Montreal this fall and aims to appeal to both French-Canadians and francophones.

The show is a new take on French history that follows a group of Montrealers who have left France and now find themselves in New York.

It’s set in the French capital in the 1960s and has a strong focus on language, culture and identity.

The program’s creators hope the show will “raise awareness of the importance of learning French, both for the French community as a whole, and also for those who are just starting out,” said Étienne Piquet, co-creator of “Mêlen” and “Mâle” (The Music).

“It is a celebration of the French way of life and its history.”

The French show will air on France Info and other sites this fall, as well as in Canada on CTV.

It will also be available on the CBC, on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

And in the United States, it will be available exclusively on Netflix starting Sept. 27.

But the challenge for French-to‑English programming isn’t just in language.

It also has to be culturally sensitive.

That means not only do you need to bring in francophone fans, but also have a French connection in the audience.

In the case of “The City,” this means that the show is geared toward francophonic audiences and that “we’re doing everything we can to bring that in.

There’s a lot more to it than that,” said Piquets co-producer Sylvain Fournier.

“We have to make sure that it’s a show that reflects what it’s like for a francophone person, but it also reflects what we’re doing as a show in Montreal.”

For some French-American couples, “The Cities” has helped them find their French identity.

For others, it has helped to find the meaning of life in a foreign land.

And for some, it just might help them connect with the people they see on TV.

“A lot of people are so used to the idea that the French people are a little bit different, that they think that the Americans are going to go, ‘What?

We’re not French!'” said Robyn Richey, co‑creator of the upcoming show “The Children,” which will be shot in Paris.

“I think a lot people are trying to find that balance.”

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