Why we need a cultural heritage policy

Cultural heritage, or heritage that celebrates the diversity of people, cultures and environments around the world, is increasingly seen as a powerful tool for safeguarding human, cultural and natural heritage, says the head of the British government’s National Museums and Art Galleries Board.

In a recent interview with the BBC, Sir David Attenborough, director general of the museum, cultural heritage and antiquities department, described how museums across the country have been trying to find ways to work with the UK Government to make sure that the UK retains a “cultural identity” for the country.

Attenbatons cultural heritage “The key to cultural heritage preservation is to maintain a cultural identity for the nation,” he told the BBC.

“That means that the government can work with you to preserve cultural heritage for the next generation.

The UK’s cultural heritage policies have seen significant progress in recent years, as part of the Government’s “national heritage strategy”. “

It has been a hugely successful policy, it has been embraced by the government and is working, and the government is committed to making it a reality.”

The UK’s cultural heritage policies have seen significant progress in recent years, as part of the Government’s “national heritage strategy”.

In March, it established the “cultural heritage advisory panel”, with the aim of providing advice to the Government and museums, and “providing an opportunity for the public to contribute to the creation of a cohesive and shared understanding of the national heritage”.

The panel’s recommendations include the creation and expansion of the UK’s national museum network, the establishment of a new National Cultural Heritage Advisory Board, and a new national cultural heritage strategy.

Attensborough told the British Museum that the cultural legacy legislation was the “keystone in the whole of the heritage system” for protecting the country’s “cultural and natural history”, and said that the National Museum’s role in the UK was to support and advocate for the government’s policy, as well as its cultural legacy policies.

“I’m very excited about the National Museks cultural heritage advisory board, which I think will be the best part of this.”

Attenbourne said the advisory board was not merely an advisory body.

“The board will be tasked with advising the government on the best ways of protecting and promoting the national cultural and heritage heritage heritage of the country,” he said.

As well as this, we’re also exploring the possibility of the Nama Board being appointed as a board adviser to the Advisory Board and helping with the development of our national cultural agenda.”

Development Is Supported By

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