Trump campaign releases a new ad slamming his former rival

The Donald Trump campaign released a new spot Wednesday targeting rival Hillary Clinton, attacking her record of support for the Dakota Access pipeline and her handling of the Benghazi attack.

The ad, “Hillary for Prison,” is part of the campaign’s efforts to tie Clinton to a variety of issues that could hurt her campaign in the general election.

“Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite who has betrayed the values of this country and she’s not just the first woman president, she’s the first black president, the first Hispanic president, and she doesn’t know how to handle her emails,” the narrator intones in the ad.

The clip shows Clinton as she answers questions about the deadly Benghazi attack in which four Americans died, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Clinton said the State Department was doing everything it could to protect the Americans.

The narrator then accuses Clinton of being the “world’s most corrupt woman” for being behind the Dakota pipeline, which was built by the private energy company Energy Transfer Partners, which has been under criminal investigation by the Department of Justice.

The spot accuses Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, of being behind “the biggest campaign finance scandal in American history.”

The ad ends with a video clip of a Clinton campaign rally in August 2015, where she was criticized for saying “all lives matter.”

In the 2016 election cycle, Trump has said he’s running against Clinton because of her record and her “corrupt, dishonest, untrustworthy” campaign.

Trump’s ad is the second in less than a week aimed at Clinton.

The first was released by the pro-Trump Super PAC Make America Awesome.

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