A few weeks ago, I got a call from my mother-in-law, who was worried.

I told her that I was at work.

A few hours later, I heard from my wife.

I was worried because the other day my wife was in the bathroom, taking a shower, when the doors opened and a man stepped in.

He was wearing nothing but a shirt and shorts, and his pants were down to his ankles.

He grabbed my mother, grabbed her by the arm, and said: “I’m going to rape you.

You’re going to be raped.”

He pulled her shirt off and raped her.

I can’t even believe what he said.

It was horrifying.

The next morning I called the police.

I couldn’t believe what had happened.

He told me I was responsible for my mother’s death.

My daughter was crying, crying hysterically.

I could not believe what was happening to my daughter.

I have to call my daughter now.

I need to tell her.

We have to take action now, I said to her.

It is my duty.

The rapist told my daughter that he wanted to be married to her for 20 years.

He said that he was going to marry her when she was old enough to marry him.

We told him that if he could just be nice to my mother and leave her alone, she would be fine.

We didn’t want to ruin her life, but he raped her anyway.

The police found him.

He is now in jail.

I want the police to be more aggressive, he told me.

The other day I called my daughter to tell me that I could no longer take her to the movies.

We had an argument about her getting a boyfriend, and she said that I had told her she should marry a man, so she would never get married.

My mother- in-law asked me what I meant by that.

I said: She can marry anybody, but if she wants to marry a rapist, she needs to get married first.

She told me she didn’t believe in rape culture.

I wanted to tell my daughter I was so sorry, but I couldn.

So I called her and said that if I was going home from work and he came into my room, he was coming with a woman, that I would have to run to the bathroom.

He raped her in front of me, I told him.

I’m so sorry.

He came in with a knife and raped me.

I called 911.

They took my phone, but she was in shock and crying.

I asked her what happened.

She said: He just started stabbing her.

Then he raped me again.

I tried to call the police, but the call went straight to voicemail.

I don’t know how to explain this, she said.

I just want my daughter back.

I am not happy.

This is how society should treat women.

We shouldn’t treat them as victims, she told me, but as the perpetrators of the crime.

It’s so frustrating.

What should we do?

She said that she was at a loss.

I think the police should come in and help me.

When I called them, they said that they could not help her.

She is angry, she says.

I know that if my daughter were a man and I was in her shoes, I would be the same.

I would call the rapist’s bluff and go home.

If she were a woman who wants to get into the dating pool, I wouldn’t even consider it.

I wouldn, she tells me.

But I have no other choice.

My husband and I need help, she thinks.

I’ve been going through a lot of grief and anxiety over the past few months, she adds.

We are in an abusive relationship, she admits.

I wish he would just leave me alone.

I feel so trapped, she writes.

I hate that my life is so ruined, she wonders.

I fear for my life.

What do I do?

I don, too.

I started to get more desperate and angry, I wrote to my father-in, telling him about my daughter’s rape.

He called the cops and I ran to my wife and cried.

She was crying.

My wife told me that her father was drunk and had gotten into a fight with her.

When he got home, he got out of his car and threw my daughter on the ground.

He then grabbed my daughter and raped my wife again.

He had sex with my wife in front to my son.

He went into my bedroom, locked the door and got my son, my daughter, and I locked the doors.

We were so scared.

I didn’t have any clothes.

My son was screaming and saying: “Mommy, Mommy, mommy, I’m not okay.”

The next day, my son told me about what happened the night before.

He remembered being in the bathtub with my daughter

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