Colombia culture to be re-evaluated

The Colombian culture is being re-examined by the country’s most influential cultural institution, the National Academy of Arts and Letters (ANAL), a new report has said.

The report, which is being presented at the annual ANAL congress, will be unveiled on Sunday in a special session at the academy.

The ANAL, which was established in 2001, is the highest-ranking body in Colombia and is the government’s most important cultural institution.

In its report, the ANAL called for the country to rethink its relationship with indigenous people and indigenous culture.

The organisation said the Colombian culture has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years, especially in relation to the rise of “populist, anti-national and xenophobic elements in society”.

The report called for greater participation of the indigenous community in the countrys political system, as well as greater involvement of indigenous communities in social development.

“The national culture is the most important aspect of Colombian culture, and the ANal is taking the lead in analysing the cultural landscape,” the report’s authors wrote.

The most visible and prominent example of this change is the way the country has reacted to the wave of protests against the country s drug war.

“It is clear that the situation of the Bolivarian revolution is transforming.

People are expressing their frustration and anger and there is a strong need for change,” the ANL said.

In addition to the ANA, there are three other institutions in Colombia, the Universidad de Ciencias Artes, the Museo Nacional de Arte Culturales and the National Museums.

“In Colombia, a large number of institutions have not been able to continue the traditions of their predecessors,” the authors wrote, adding that they have all been subjected to the “corrosive effects of a changing culture”.

In recent years the countryhas seen a rise in xenophobia, which has made it more difficult for indigenous people to live in harmony with other groups, according to the report.

The authors said indigenous communities should be allowed to “express their views in a peaceful manner”.

They said it is crucial that the country does not continue to treat indigenous people as second class citizens and that its foreign policy be based on the principle of equality for all.

Colombia has faced the biggest surge in anti-government protests in decades.

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