How to celebrate your culture’s unique qualities

In this week’s edition of the Breitbart News Culture Challenge, we’re spotlighting the best and most important cultural achievements of the past year.

This week’s winner is an excerpt from a recent piece by writer-activist and activist Naira Ahmed.

She’s calling for cultural humility and calls on all of us to honor our heritage, but also “the history of our time and how we’ve made it work.”

In this excerpt, Ahmed, who lives in Los Angeles, highlights the ways in which our cultures have made their mark in the past, but how we can continue to “celebrate our culture’s uniqueness.”

I hope you enjoy this piece and join me in highlighting the great achievements of our people.

The Cultural Humble definition of cultural humility is the ability to not only honor but to be inspired by one’s heritage.

In this article, I’m going to look at the history of American culture and how that’s impacted our everyday lives, our collective history, and our collective present.

I’m not suggesting that this is a new idea, but rather an example of the kinds of things we can do to honor and inspire our own heritage and our shared past.

I want to take a look at three examples that I think are worth mentioning in this regard.

First, I want you to consider this story.

This story of American history has long been known as the “American dream” story, as the first immigrants of European descent came to this country as part of a wave of immigrants from the Americas.

The story of our American Dream, as well as our national past, is very important to us and has helped us to become who we are today.

I believe that we owe this story to those who came before us.

As a young person growing up in this country, I remember my parents telling me, “You know what?

We have to get out of this country and go to another country, because America is just not going to be America anymore.”

This story also has roots in the 19th century, as immigrants were pushed out of their native lands.

And then in the 20th century there was a wave that brought in immigrants from Asia and Africa.

And so, there were times in our history where the U.S. was just not the country it was supposed to be.

In that sense, the story of how our nation has come to be is a story of cultural achievement, and we owe that to the people who came to the United States before us, the people in our country who are still here, and the people from abroad.

And this story has shaped the values that we hold dear.

In a way, we owe them a great deal.

The history of the United State is not only a story about the country and its founding documents, it’s also a story that tells the story about what it means to be American.

And that is a message that is important and important to all of our citizens.

And what we’re telling them through our history is that, no matter what your background or where you came from, you are an American.

This is a country that celebrates your heritage.

We are proud of that.

We’re proud of our history, the history that gave us our independence, our founding documents and our freedom.

And we’re proud to have our people, our sons and daughters, who came here, continue to lead this country to greatness.

But we also have to recognize that this story of America has been shaped by a whole lot of things.

So, let’s look at a few of them.

We have seen a massive rise in the numbers of people who are foreign born.

There’s been a huge surge in immigration from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

And in recent years, there’s been an explosion in refugees from other parts of the world.

And these new immigrants have come with all sorts of baggage.

They’ve come from many different cultures, including Islam, and they have been brought up in environments that are quite different from the United Sates.

In fact, many of them have been born here.

The fact that so many of these immigrants are bringing with them baggage of discrimination and abuse, of hatred, of violence and discrimination that they don’t know how to navigate has also been a significant factor in the rise in immigration.

So there are a lot of different things that are driving this rise in immigrants.

But one of the things that has been driving this surge in immigrants is our economy.

The United States has had an economy that has really boomed for a long time.

This has been the fastest growing economy in the world for a very long time, and it’s now going to come crashing down.

The rise in illegal immigration has had a major impact on the economy.

It’s been one of our main sources of income.

The labor force participation rate has fallen from 60% to around 45%.

This is one of those things that we’ve seen over and over again over the last few decades.

In 2014, there was one in

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