‘Open Culture’ in Vietnam: Cultural convergence and diversity are key for diversity

VANUATU, Vietnam — “Open culture” is a term coined by sociologist Anne-Marie Lien to describe a cultural landscape in which people of all walks of life can participate, share and participate in their community without fear of being ostracized.

Lien, who studies Vietnamese culture at the University of Washington, says that while the Vietnamese people are generally considered to be liberal, they do not have a tradition of “hiding their faces behind closed doors.”

So the word came to mean something very different.

Lien believes Vietnamese culture is more open and diverse than most other cultures.

But she says there is still a need for cultural convergence and for cultural cohesion in the Vietnamese culture, which is based on many different ethnic groups, religions, and cultures.

Lian said she is particularly interested in the cultural convergence between ethnic groups that she says are “open,” which she defines as “non-religious, secular and non-religious.”

In other words, she is interested in understanding the differences between different groups of Vietnamese.

The open culture concept comes from the fact that Vietnamese people, and especially ethnic Vietnamese, do not follow a rigid hierarchy, she said.

Rather, they often practice “inter-religiosity,” which means they practice “living together,” which can include living with each other, sharing food, and so on.

And Lien said this type of cultural inter-religion is especially important in the context of the current pandemic.

“In terms of the pandemic, the more open you are, the greater the likelihood that you’re going to get more people who have a lot of different views,” Lien told CBS News.

“So it’s important to understand the diversity in the community and understand the different ways that people are living together.”

For example, she pointed out that the term “vietnamese” can be used to describe many different cultures.

In Vietnamese, for example, there are many different Vietnamese dialects, which she said are more “open” than the other ones.

For example, Vietnamese speakers can be seen as having “a lot of differences from the American or English speakers.”

Lien also said that the Vietnamese “love the arts.”

So she said that Vietnamese musicians are also very interested in music.

She said that there are also many people who are very interested on the arts.

“For example,” she said, “there are many Vietnamese singers who are interested in painting.

And so there are lots of artists and musicians who are doing this and they’re all very interested.

So you have this very diverse community and people who all want to be in that community.”

She said this diversity of cultural perspectives can create “a very different way of life.”

Lien also explained how ethnic groups can come together and form new groups and organizations.

For instance, she noted that many ethnic groups have their own cultural traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

She also said this can help explain why people from certain ethnic groups tend to become more religious.

For example: She said, there is a tradition that the majority of Vietnamese speakers are religious.

“They follow a very strict form of religious life, which I call ‘spiritual life.’

They pray and meditate a lot and they have a particular form of worship, called ‘papa bacha’ (prayer).”

The cultural convergence phenomenon is important, she added, because it helps create an environment where people of different backgrounds and religions can live together and grow as a community.”

But in a sense, they have an important role in the way Vietnamese people think and live and what they do.”

The cultural convergence phenomenon is important, she added, because it helps create an environment where people of different backgrounds and religions can live together and grow as a community.

She said there are other types of cultural convergence that she said can also help foster a more diverse and open Vietnamese society.

For one example, Lien noted that people in some parts of Vietnam, such as the South, are “very traditional,” but there are people who come from the north and other parts of the country, who also tend to be traditional.

“In fact, it’s not only the traditional South Vietnamese that are more traditional,” she added.

Lian said that this is also important because it gives Vietnamese people an opportunity to explore new ideas and perspectives.

She noted that when she talks about cultural convergence, people are often surprised.

“When you ask people who came from the North, for instance, why are they so traditional?

It’s because they have never had this opportunity to experiment with the new ideas that are being developed by the South Vietnamese,” she noted.

“When I say experiment, I mean they’re going through a process that has not been allowed them before.

It’s a very new way of thinking and it’s very different from the way that they have been taught in their country.”

Lian also said there is also an important element of social desirability that comes into play in the emergence of new ideas.

For a cultural convergence to occur

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