What we know about the Zika virus outbreak in the U.S.

A massive outbreak of the Zika pandemic is spreading throughout the United States, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warning of an outbreak of microcephaly, a birth defect that can lead to a child being born with a smaller head.

Health officials say the CDC is warning of microcephalic cases linked to the virus.

In a new release, the agency says more than 8,800 cases of microchronic hemorrhagic fever, or MCHF, were identified in the first six weeks of 2017.

That compares with nearly 2,800 microcephalics in 2016.

Health authorities have said microcephelas are rare in the United Kingdom, with only seven confirmed cases in all of the country’s history.

But in the last few weeks, the BBC has reported, a British mother of three was diagnosed with the disease in Liverpool, where it’s been linked to an outbreak in Brazil.

The baby is now in intensive care, and it’s not clear whether he’ll survive.

The first reported cases of the disease were reported in Brazil in late February, and the BBC reported that there was a spike in microcephone infections in the country during the summer.

The BBC said microcephali are caused by the same strain of Zika virus that causes microcePHAs, which are birth defects in which a baby’s head is smaller than average.

Microcephalo is a rare birth defect in which the head is larger than normal, but researchers are still unsure if it’s linked to Zika.

The virus is not thought to cause microcephalic cases.

The CDC said the microcepas were most likely caused by travel to the Americas, where Zika has been spreading.

A CDC press release said that microcefemic cases are increasing in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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