When Cultural Persuasion is ‘Tearing the Heart Out of the Culture’

Cultural diffusion is a concept in which cultural values (cultures) are promoted by the media and/or governments to appeal to a broader audience.

The concept originated with a book by the sociologist David Schanzer, but has gained increasing currency in recent years in the form of academic research and popular media reports.

Cultural diffusion refers to the transfer of cultural values through a network of influence.

It is the process of influencing the public’s understanding of a culture by introducing ideas and practices that may be alien or even hostile to that culture.

For example, a politician who promotes a foreign policy that is opposed to the interests of the country she represents may be considered to be culturally diffusionist.

Cultural values are also used by policymakers to influence the public to accept a new, favourable policy.

A politician’s political party may also use cultural values to influence public opinion on their own policies.

While it is true that politicians may sometimes try to influence policy through the media, political parties and media have a much broader role to play in influencing public opinion.

When they promote policies that are unpopular, it is because they are perceived as anti-foreign or anti-democratic.

However, it should be noted that cultural diffusion does not necessarily imply that a politician is a good or bad person.

It also does not mean that a policy is the best or worst way to promote the desired values.

Political parties, for example, can be good in one case and bad in another.

They can also use the media to promote their political positions.

For instance, they may promote policies in the name of social justice, which is not necessarily the best way to achieve their aims.

In the case of the US, it has been argued that the US political system is biased towards the Democrats.

It was a popular and often controversial political platform that sought to achieve political power for the Democrats and other political parties, especially in the areas of education, immigration and health care.

However the political system of the United States is not immune from cultural diffusion.

As cultural values become more mainstreamed, political leaders may be less open to new ideas and policies.

In fact, it can be argued that political leaders are more likely to adopt policies that have been promoted by people who do not share their values.

In many countries, cultural diffusion is an issue that has led to conflicts between political parties.

In some countries, it also has led some political parties to be perceived as less democratic.

For some countries and groups of people, cultural values may also have a negative impact on the country as a whole.

For a country such as the United Kingdom, for instance, cultural and political values can be perceived to be alien to British society.

A recent study in the British Journal of Sociology showed that in countries where political parties are perceived to favour traditional values, they tend to win elections.

For other countries, such as China, it seems that cultural values can have a positive impact on a country’s political landscape.

According to a new report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), countries with a high level of cultural diffusion tend to be more open to foreign investment and are more economically liberal.

The report showed that countries with high levels of cultural change also have lower levels of inequality.

This study is also a clear indication of how a country that is perceived to have an ideological problem can become more open and inclusive in the future.

In this way, political and economic elites in some countries can have an impact on how the society is perceived.

As a result, countries that are perceived not to be as open and welcoming as they are now may be able to improve their image.

A cultural problem can also have positive effects on society as a group, as shown by a study published in the journal Economic Policy Research.

In a recent study, researchers from the Center for the Study of Social Change and the Center of Political Economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) examined the impact of a country with high cultural diffusion on the economy.

They conducted an economic model in which they calculated the impact on GDP of a certain political party’s policies, including social policy.

The researchers compared the impact for different countries with different levels of political and cultural diffusion, and found that countries that had high levels both of political diffusion and high levels in both social and economic values had a positive effect on the GDP of the countries they represent.

The research has also been published in Economic Journal.

The authors point out that cultural change can affect the way in which societies function and live.

Cultural change can cause the political parties of a nation to lose some of their popularity, and in some cases the governments may not be able attract enough new voters to support their policies.

This leads to a loss of trust in the political and/ or economic systems.

The effect of political change on the society can also be positive in some areas.

For instances, when a country experiences high levels or a strong cultural diffusion of political or economic values, people may not

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