How do you feel about your country?

RUSSIAN-IRELAND: How do we feel about ourselves?

We are proud of our country, we are proud to be part of the European Union.

We are proud that we are part of an international community that works for peace.

We want to keep it that way.

We do not want to see the end of our culture, our history, our way of life.

We wish to preserve it, and the fact that we have a history, a way of living that is not only European, but has survived many generations of Europeans, and has its own history, that we want to preserve.

We know that it is a very difficult time for the people of this country.

There is a lot of frustration, and we are not going to give up.

It is not an easy task, and it is not something that we can accept.

We have the opportunity to build a new future, and our people are determined to do that.

What are the problems?

What are some of the problems that we face?

We have very serious problems in our country.

We face problems in the education system, the health care system, education, and so on.

We also have problems in housing.

We need a very good infrastructure in this country, which is the infrastructure that we need.

We see that it takes time, but we do not have any time left.

We must take it seriously, and build a strong and stable society, and make sure that we respect the rights of the citizens.

The problem is not the money, it is the attitude of the people.

What we need is an attitude that is positive, that is tolerant, that respects the rights and wants to build an economy that works well for everyone.

How do I feel about my country?

What do you think about your national identity?

There is something that is very important in our identity, something that connects us to the whole world.

We live in a country that has many traditions.

We all have our own traditions.

There are many different languages, but in our culture we have very strong and strong ties to each other.

We respect our neighbors, our neighbors respect us.

We share the same values.

There was a moment in my childhood, when I saw my father, who is Polish, and I asked him what he thought of my country, and he told me that he loved his country because it was his country.

It was very important to him.

We love our homeland, and there is a deep bond between us, and that is important for us.

What is your country doing to strengthen its ties with the EU?

Our country wants to maintain its own identity and its own culture, and to have a strong identity that is based on its history, on its traditions, and on the history of the world.

Our people want to protect our country’s interests, and they want to defend the rights that our people have.

Our countries history is a history of conflict, and of exploitation and of war.

We can understand the reasons why the Europeans do not feel safe here.

But we have an opportunity.

We understand that we will have to face this problem.

What do I think about my people?

What would you like to do?

We are happy that we live in an area where we have so many opportunities to do things that are good for our country and for the whole of Europe.

We don’t want to become like a country of people who want to do nothing, who do nothing but their jobs.

We would like to work hard to improve our country in a way that is beneficial for us all.

What have we done?

We need to keep our culture strong, and improve our education system.

We believe that our children will grow up in a strong country, a country with a strong history and a strong culture.

We should strive to make sure, that the education of our children is equal to that of the Europeans.

I think that we must protect the rights, the cultural identity, of our people, and help our people to develop their culture.

Are you ready to change?

Are you prepared to accept a new era?

Are we ready to accept that our country has become a lot more modernized and that the problems are solved?

What is the current situation in Ukraine?

Are the problems going to be solved?

No, because we cannot solve all the problems in one go.

We cannot solve the problem of poverty and the lack of jobs in one country, because that is impossible.

We just can’t.

We will try to solve the problems of our countries, and try to do it with the best possible skills, because there are many people who do not work.

We hope that people will be willing to come and work here, because they are going to see a different country.

But it will be a very hard job, because the people are very different.

We still have to work on improving the conditions of our economy, and improving the living conditions.

There were a lot things that were done

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