What’s the deal with this new trend of ‘cultural masks’?

By BRIAN BODESCUANANABENOThe Associated PressBUDAPEST, Hungary (AP)The “cultural mask” is a trendy way to make a person feel like they’re part of a community, but it’s also a mask that masks the real problem: They’re a distraction from real problems.

While people in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia can wear the cultural mask to try to appear more modern, the Czech government is not allowing it.

And now, a new trend is gaining popularity in other countries: dressing up as traditional people.

The masks, known as “cultural masks” because they mimic the faces of local traditional folk, are a recent trend in Hungary and other countries that have a strong Hungarian identity, said Ilana Kosti, an anthropologist at the University of Warsaw who specializes in cultural masks.

People can dress up as a local traditional woman, a peasant woman, an elderly person, an indigenous person, a soldier or even a member of a minority group to try and appear more like them.

The masks have become an important part of their identities, she said.

Kosti’s research has found that cultural masks are often seen as a way to hide the real problems facing traditional people, but also to try not to hurt traditional people’s feelings.

The idea is to make them seem more comfortable in their own culture.

People wear cultural masks in Hungary, Poland and Slovakia to try make them appear more contemporary and less threatening.

(AP Photo/Czecho-Ruskiy Szolnok)”It’s a way of hiding their true identity,” Kostia said.

People also dress up like their parents, grandparents, older relatives, grandparents and other family members, she added.

The most common cultural masks have to do with traditional customs, she explained.

They include traditional dress and clothing.

It’s important to wear traditional clothes, such as traditional boots, and they should also be worn by people who are not traditionally in the traditional clothes and culture, Kostius said.

The problem with wearing the traditional masks, Kustia said, is that they can also become an intimidating presence to people who don’t identify with the traditional culture.

“It creates a kind of negative stereotype of traditional people,” Kusti said.

“I think this is a very common practice, and I think it can be harmful for people, because if they think that they’re a part of the traditional community, they can feel more like they belong to that community and that can create a kind in the minds of people,” she added, saying people who dress up to be traditional people are often not the same people they really are.

Kustia believes that some people are “going the extra mile” to make the masks more authentic.

Some traditional people dress up in traditional clothes to look like their ancestors and sometimes they wear traditional headdresses and traditional robes.

They have other traditional items that they wear as well, such for example, a belt that they take on a daily basis, Kesti said, adding that many traditional people who wear the masks also wear traditional masks and traditional jewelry.

People dress up for Halloween, for example.

In Slovakia, some people wear traditional costumes for the Halloween celebrations and in Hungary people wear masks at the celebrations, Kestsi said., the head of the Czech-Hungarian Cultural Centre, said people who do this mask-wearing go too far.

Kesti’s work has been funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and the U’ s National Endowment for Democracy.

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