‘The End of All Things’: Pakistani Film Festival 2017 will be an ‘exemplary example of the way to bring diversity to the entertainment industry’

A celebration of the 20th century’s most beloved Pakistani film, ‘The Final Cut’, has been organised by the Pakistani Film and Television Academy (PFTAA).

Organisers, who also included former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and Pakistani Film Federation chief Imran Shah, said that the event would highlight the contributions of the film industry in the country and would also highlight the cultural divergence between the two countries.

A panel of writers, directors and actors will be selected by the PFTAA.

The event will be held in the main building of the Academy, a building in Karachi, Pakistan’s capital.

It will be hosted by PFTA and the Pakistan Film and Media Development Corporation (PEMDC).

The event aims to showcase Pakistani films that are being made in other countries, and highlight how the film business is evolving in Pakistan.

The panel of speakers include Pakistani director Makhdoom Nadeem; actor and actress Iman Shafique; writer and actor Zafarul Hussain; film producer and producer Shafiq Bhatti; actress Kajol Akhtar; actor Mohammad Hossain; writer Hamza Riaz; writer Muhammad Aamir; actor Abdul Karim Qadri; actor Zahoor Zaman; actor Hafiz Abdul Rauf; actor Hamza Nadeer; writer Aqeel Javed; actor Qari Yousef; and singer Rafiq Akhtar.

The festival will also feature a special panel discussion on ‘The Rise and Fall of Pakistan’s Film Industry’, organised by PEMDC.

It will also highlight how Pakistani film has contributed to the cultural and educational development of the country.

The first Pakistani film to win an Oscar was ‘The Best of Pakistan’, released in 1993.

It won five Academy Awards, including best picture for actor and screenplay.

‘The Last Cut’ was released in 2015, and starred the likes of Iman Shah, Zafirullah Iqbal, Ziauddin Siddiqui and Syed Saeed Shah.

Development Is Supported By

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